How to watch The Secret Life of Pets Full Movie (Netflix)

The producers of Despicable Me and Minions have done it yet again and produced another animated movie that viewers are expecting to be released soon. The “Secret Life of Pets Full Movie” is an animated comedy series revolving around the life of pets.

The film displays the lived led by pets once left alone when owners go to school or work. Pets are seen turning homes inside out when the owners are not home during the day. It also shows the feelings of pets once they are abandoned by owners who are tired of staying with them.

Tell me about The Secret Life of Pets Full Movie

The movie is family friendly and is 1 hour 30 minutes long. The movie can be classified under comedy, animation and family and is rated PG for the action and rude humor found in the film. The entire movie is in English and is produced by Illumination Entertainment and distributed by Universal Pictures. “The Secret life of Pets,” was filmed in the United States with an estimated budget of $75 million. The movie was to be released in February 2016 but was pushed back and is set to be viewed in theaters on June 24, 2016, in the UK and July 8, 2016, in the United States.

The Plot of the story

The movie setting is in a Manhattan apartment building. The movie reveals secrets of how pets behave once the owners are not around. Once left alone, pets are free to do whatever they want, and their activities range from hanging out to trading stories about their owners and listening to heavy rock among other things. There are the obvious things like eating food and making a mess in the house. Among all these things, a story develops that revolves around the lives of pets.

A terrier by the name Max is used to the life of being a favorite pet having a comfortable and easy life until his life gets turned inside out when Katie, his owner, gets a mixed breed by the name Duke from the dog pound. Duke is sloppy and messy without any interpersonal skills that threaten the lifestyle Max is used to having. Max feels neglected since the attention is now divided between the two pets and Max is no longer the favorite pet.

A rivalry develops between Max and Duke due to Secret Life of Pets Full Movie

who now have to fight for Katie’s attention. However, they put their rivalry aside when they meet Snowball, a white bunny that is cunning and deceptive. Snowball has used abandoned pets to form an army calling themselves “The Flushed Pets.”

The army is determined to have revenge on happily owned pets as well as their owners. They are determined to make the lives of pet owners and their happily owned pets miserable. That’s not all as an Eskimo dog called Gidget also puts together her group of pets to find Max and Duke since she is interested in Max. Things become more interesting for Max and Duke when they get into an alley and come across the alley cats they have never seen before.

They get spooked and run away only to get lost and are get caught by dog catchers. Snowball helps them escape only to find out that he is the leader of a criminal group that has the aim of ruining the lives of humans and their pets. Together, they have to find a way to fight against Snowball to stop his plan of turning against humanity and happy pets.

The storyline revolves around the life of the pets and the activities that take place when Max and Duke get lost. They try to find their way around the big city while going against Snowball and his army. Gidget also tries to find Max and viewers get to see the crazy things they have to do while looking for the duo. All this activity takes place before dinner. That is the time the pets have to turn the tide to favor the human race and save their families.


The Secret Life of Pets movie was written by

  • Brian Lynch
  • Cinco Paul
  • Ken Daurio

The Editing was done by Ken Schretzmann.

Facts you didn’t know about the secret life of pets stream

  1. The movie was produced by Chris Meledandri and Janet Healy.
  2. The directors of the movie are Chris Renaud and Yarrow Cheney.
  3. The music in the film was made by Alexandre Desplat.
  4. Art Direction was done by Colin Stimpson.
  5. Production design was done by Eric Guillon.

The Casting

The casting was done by Emrah Ertem of the Voice Casting Germany and Mickie McGowan of ADR voice casting.

There are many credited actors voices in the movie. Here is a list of the cast and the actors behind their voices starting with the main characters. -Shirley Ave

Voice over Cast for the Full Movie

Ellie Kemper Katie’s voice (Katie is the owner of Duke and Max.)

Jenny Slate Gadget’s voice (Gadget is the dog that has a crush on Max. She forms a team to help her look for him when she realizes that he is missing.)

Kevin Hart Snowball’s voice (Snowball is the adorable bunny that is leading the revolution against the humans and the happily living pets. He is rallying support from other abandoned pets and forming an army.)

Lake Bell Chloe’s voice (Chloe is a tabby cat that is obese and loves eating food all the time. From the beginning, you get to see the gluttonous character of the tabby cat as she devours the chicken in the fridge and still continues eating even when she is full.)

Albert Brooks Tiberius’ voice (Tiberius is a hawk.)

Louis C.K. Max’s voice (Max is the top terrier dog that loves his owner, Katie. His life revolves around Katie, and he is upset when she brings home another dog to be his brother. He does not like having Duke around and wishes he was gone.)

Eric Stonestreet Duke’s voice (Duke is the Newfoundland adopted brother to Max, who was brought home by Katie. He has no interpersonal skills and is interested in knowing his new brother, Max. )

Hannibal Buress Buddy’s voice (Buddy is a Dachshund. He is part of the rescue team formed by Gadget to look for Max and Duke.)

Bobby Moynihan Mel’s voice (Mel is a pug.)

Michael Beattle Tattoo’s voice

Sasha Lester Girl’s voice

Dana Carvey Pops’ voice (Pops is the paralyzed dog that helps gadget look for Max. In the entire film, he takes the character of a war veteran.)

Steve Coogan Sphynx Cat (The Sphynx cat is one of the alley cats that is with Max and Duke in the alley before they get lost.)

Additional voices were played by the following cast members.

  1. Dana Carvey
  2. Lori Allan
  3. Tara Strong
  4. Brian T. Delaney
  5. Steve Coogan
  6. Bill Farmer
  7. Jin Cummings
  8. Bob Bergen
  9. Carlos Alazraqui
  10. Mona Marshal
  11. John Cygan
  12. Jan Rabson

Other interesting characters in the film that are not voiced include Sweet Pea, who is a pet bird that enjoys playing video games when the owner is away. There is also Gino the goldfish and Leonard, who enjoys listening to heavy rock contrary to the taste of the owner. He can be seen switching the music as soon as the owner leaves the house.

There are other people who were involved in the shooting of the film and contributed to the success of the film even though they are not in the cast. They worked in various Departments to ensure the movie came together, and the different scenes flowed together.

Analysis of the life of pets

The movie is a comedy obtained from a common activity that is taking care of pets. More often than not, pet owners have to leave their pets alone in the house while they attend to the other aspects of their lives. The movie seeks to enlighten people on the different activities that pets take part in once left to their misfits. Pets are seen to enjoy each other’s company and look for other pets to interact with. Others like buddy are seen using household accessories to make themselves comfortable. He uses the mixer to scratch his body when his owner is away. Sweet pea is seen playing video games when the owner is not around. Mel can be seen running around the house and sets himself on the seat the owner uses and starts barking to a squirrel outside the window.

My opinion on the full movie

Another thing brought out by the film is the struggles they undergo when new pets are brought into the family. The rivalry between Max and Duke brings this out in a clear manner where Max blames Duke for all their misfortunes. The plight of abandoned pets is also brought out when Snowball unites them to bring misery to humans and their happy pets. Kelvin Hart brings out the character of Snowball very well. He brings out the criminal mastermind with a comical effect.

Snowball is seen as a genius and uses his adorable looks to his advantage. He appears to be very cute and harmless but in reality is very dangerous and takes pride in being the leader of the army. From the beginning of the film, viewers see that Chloe has an eating disorder that contributes to her obesity. She can be seen kicking her food aside to get the one in the fridge that is clearly not preserved for her. Chloe is assumed to be the friend to Max but does not take any interest in his life. When Max goes to her after Duke is brought home, she tells him that although they are friends, she is not interested in listening to his problems and is always thinking about food.

Gadget is in love with Max, and he does not seem to notice this. She constantly tries to spend time with him and talk to him. When she does not see Max around, she senses there is something wrong and forms a search team to find Max and Duke and bring them home. She goes on an adventure with her group as they discover parts of the city they did not know about. Even Pops, who is paralyzed, takes part in the adventure and plays the role of leader while showing them the different routes they can take around the town. During the movie, he plays the part of a retired veteran and is considered a valuable asset to the team.

There are also the alley cats that are seen living under harsh conditions. They are cats that were abandoned by their owners, and they appear scary looking. These cats are bold and even scare Max and Duke forcing them to run away, and they get lost. In the entire story, viewers get to see how they work together to find their way home despite the rivalry between them. They also unite against Snowball and his army of abandoned pets and try to save humanity from being devastated by them. They have to do all this within a limited time as they are expected to be home in time for dinner.
In the trailers, viewers get a glimpse of how the movie looks like. There are also trailers that show pets are not the best at getting photographed for the holidays. Pet owners struggle to have their pets appear in the Holiday photos, and the pets are seen making fun of it.

The movie is fun and viewers can watch it together with their families. There is no use of obscene language in the movie, and it is rated PG and intended to be viewed by the entire family. -Elizabeth Carrol


The movie is expected to be a success like the predecessors and become a favorite among viewers. The casting was done, and the actors fit the various characters they were given. Having Kevin Hart on the cast to act as Snowball was the right move since he is funny and brings fun to the movie.


In my opinion, the movie is something that is quite interesting that can be enjoyed by the whole family. The story will endear most pet lovers while giving laughs and giggles. The story is already funny and adding the adventure entertainment value. This is a movie people would want to watch more than once. “The Secret Life Of Pets” is a movie that is recommended for the entire family to watch. It is a fun comedy that has an interesting twist.